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How Fraction and Decimals are the same

” What are you learning at School these days?” I recently asked some 4th graders..”Oh we just finished fractions and are now doing Decimals..” They told me..” Well do you know that fractions and decimals are the same thing” I poked a little just to check whether they are being given the conceptual knowledge.. “How […]

Finding Instant Sum and Mean using a calendar

I have been thinking of writing a blog on this for a long time..but then having a set of twin boys and my own activities has somehow come in the way or simply put I have been slightly lazy. However today as a New Year Resolution I have decided to start writing again regularly. Seems […]

Learning how to calculate the square root of imperfect square

I have been thinking about writing about the square root shortcut for finding the square root of the imperfect square ever since I wrote the earlier one about finding the square root of a perfect square. Incase you have not seen my earlier post then please do check the same by clicking on the link http://a2yacademy.com/2018/05/09/finding-the-square-of-any-number-an-easy-way/   […]

Creating Magic Squares

Being a mother is a difficult job and has no job description as well. I love playing math games with my kids and their best friend who loves these small puzzles. As they enjoy it so much I though why not explore the area of magic squares while I am teaching these 7 years old […]

Solving the Cross Puzzle using Calendar

In my last post I had shown how we can use the calendar to make number patterns a fun exercise for children. In this article we will go a bit ahead and learn how we can use the calendar to find and solve cross puzzle patterns. I had a lot of fun teaching this to […]

Math patterns with Calendar

I was recently watching a youtube video of Dr. Arvind Gupta ( to those who don’t know him..he has done a phenomenal amount of work in the area of science specially for children) and in the video I saw him using the calendar to show how the mathematical patterns can be found in the calendar […]

Multiplication of the 4 digit number- easy way

We had in our earlier post ( http://a2yacademy.com/2018/06/10/multiplication-of-any-3-digit-number/) had promised that we will be writing about how to expand the same method and do the multiplication of a 4 digit number with a 4 digit number. . Remember we will have 7 patterns in this calculation. Think it as if you are putting numbers in […]

Multiplication of any 3 digit number

As I promised in my last post I am today going to show the method that helps in multiplying any 3 digit number. This method is purely to help children do faster calculations in the competitive examinations where you need less than a minute to solve the problem. It appears difficult but once you get […]