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Multiplication of any 3 digit number

As I promised in my last post I am today going to show the method that helps in multiplying any 3 digit number. This method is purely to help children do faster calculations in the competitive examinations where you need less than a minute to solve the problem. It appears difficult but once you get […]

Multiplication of any two digit number

Hello All..I am back again with another of my post which is useful for children. When I was growing up I used to hate doing the multiplication questions specially where it required a multiplication of 2 or 3 digit numbers..This is how we do the multiplication in the normal way. Let us know whether you […]

Finding the Cube of a Number – easy way

In our last post we showed how to find the square of any number. In this post we will take it further and show you how to find the cube of a number easily. The only requirement for this is to remember the cubes of number 1 to 9 Once you remember this  finding the […]

Finding the Square of any number – An easy way

We have written about how to find the square root and cube root of a number, how ever we missed on how to find the square of any number.. What  is the Square of  number? It is the number multiplied by itself.. most  of the people will remember the squares of the numbers upto 10 […]

Multiply any Number using this method

Earlier we have written and shown how you can easily multiply the algebraic expressions..We can use the same method for solving the multiplication problems of any two or three digits number..This method will come in handy when children are trying to solve the questions which contain 3 ,4  or more digits numbers..though this works for […]

How to multiply quickly – few tricks to remember

In our last post we have learnt how to make the multiplication tables from 1 to 100 in an easy manner. How ever  as our kids go to higher grades they need to multiply bigger numbers. In this post today we are going to see how we can do  the  multiplication quickly and without using […]