How to find Highest Common Factor easily

In our earlier post we have shown how to find the LCM of the numbers by just looking at the numbers Incase you have missed it here is the link to it

This method is real quick and easy way of finding the HCF easily and saves a lot of time

Isn’t playing with numbers fun!!!!!

Finding L.C.M. Easily

LCM or the lowest common multiple is the number that is divisible by all other numbers that are given. There are various methods through which this is we can use Repeated Division,factorization and Venn Diagram to teach this method. However is it possible to find out the L.C.M. of the given numbers just by inspection? Lets first check the regular methods and then lets see how we can find out the L.C.M. by just inspecting the numbers..

The concept of LCM becomes fun and easy when you understand it..Happy reading and wait for our next article where we will teach you how to find highest common multiple easily..

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Learning Subtraction without borrowing & using addition

It’s difficult for many children to understand the concept of borrowing initially when they learn subtraction. I have always taught them this concept using the real life situations during shopping. However if we think slightly differently we can make subtraction fun for kids. So instead of teaching them in the regular way of taking out a number from another I tried teaching them subtraction using addition..

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Think Differently- Tricks for Addition

While teaching the double digit addition with carryover to my twin boys I was reminded of the method that one of our teachers had taught us in school to make Math fun and to take away the fear of math from our minds. The addition can be quite daunting for children when the numbers are written in a row. Try this method and see how easy it becomes for children to solve the addition problems with bigger numbers

We want to teach children math in such a way that they fall in love with it and should be able to think differently while trying to solve the problems that they find complicated..

Do try this method with kids and let us know the results..Let us also know the areas where the children might need some help or want to make it interesting we will be happy to write about it.  Do leave your comments here or write to us on

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Enjoy reading new Math tricks every week..happy weekend

Learning how to calculate the square root of imperfect square

I have been thinking about writing about the square root shortcut for finding the square root of the imperfect square ever since I wrote the earlier one about finding the square root of a perfect square. Incase you have not seen my earlier post then please do check the same by clicking on the link  

We would love to hear from you. These tricks are meant entirely from the competitive exams perspective.

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Creating Magic Squares

Being a mother is a difficult job and has no job description as well. I love playing math games with my kids and their best friend who loves these small puzzles. As they enjoy it so much I though why not explore the area of magic squares while I am teaching these 7 years old champions addition.

Can you make few magic squares from other combinations of dates from the calendar? Leave your responses here..

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Solving the Cross Puzzle using Calendar

In my last post I had shown how we can use the calendar to make number patterns a fun exercise for children. In this article we will go a bit ahead and learn how we can use the calendar to find and solve cross puzzle patterns. I had a lot of fun teaching this to my children hope that others will also find it useful.

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Math patterns with Calendar

I was recently watching a youtube video of Dr. Arvind Gupta ( to those who don’t know him..he has done a phenomenal amount of work in the area of science specially for children) and in the video I saw him using the calendar to show how the mathematical patterns can be found in the calendar and how an everyday thing like simple calendar can be made exciting to understand the complicated math problems. I tried to find a few patterns and I am giving few of the things that I found out. I found it very interesting and I hope that you will too.
in my next article I will show how you can make star puzzles, cross puzzles, teach finding the average of the number and make magic squares…

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Lets Divide without actually dividing – Few tricks

Ah…How is that possible Mama? My 7 year old son asked me as he read the heading of my new blogpost.. He loves these problems of division and multiplication etc  and knows that as he grows older I will be teaching him all about it( though not yet ready for the competition I have been teaching my sons about multiplication and division through play method, not with the paper or pencil yet.. For example I give one of them 10 sticks and will ask him to distribute it to 5 of his friends so that each one has the equal number of sticks and then I normally ask if they have to take it back and make 10 sticks then to how many friends do they have to go to..they are slowly getting wiser to my tricks though). However coming to the point of what I have written as a title..sounds funny but I assure you its not..

Lets see how we can do it.. Read on to find how we can simplify the division problems

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Multiplication of the 4 digit number- easy way

We had in our earlier post ( had promised that we will be writing about how to expand the same method and do the multiplication of a 4 digit number with a 4 digit number. . Remember we will have 7 patterns in this calculation. Think it as if you are putting numbers in a box and then make the combinations of numbers straight and crisscross. See the slides below to understand how the calculations are to be done

Now here is the challenge to the readers of this post..can you expand this to do multiplication of the 5 or 6 digit number? Do send in your answer to our next post we will start with the Division problems…

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