Math patterns with Calendar

I was recently watching a youtube video of Dr. Arvind Gupta ( to those who don’t know him..he has done a phenomenal amount of work in the area of science specially for children) and in the video I saw him using the calendar to show how the mathematical patterns can be found in the calendar and how an everyday thing like simple calendar can be made exciting to understand the complicated math problems. I tried to find a few patterns and I am giving few of the things that I found out. I found it very interesting and I hope that you will too.
in my next article I will show how you can make star puzzles, cross puzzles, teach finding the average of the number and make magic squares…

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Lets Divide without actually dividing – Few tricks

r nesrAh..How is that possible Mama? My 7 year old son asked me as he read the heading of my new blogpost.. He loves these problems of division and multiplication etc  and knows that as he grows older I will be teaching him all about it( though not yet ready for the competition I have been teaching my sons about multiplication and division through play method, not with the paper or pencil yet.. For example I give one of them 10 sticks and will ask him to distribute it to 5 of his friends so that each one has the equal number of sticks and then I normally ask if they have to take it back and make 10 sticks then to how many friends do they have to go to..they are slowly getting wiser to my tricks though). However coming to the point of what I have written as a title..sounds funny but I assure you its not..

Lets see how we can do it.. Read on to find how we can simplify the division problems

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Multiplication of the 4 digit number- easy way

We had in our earlier post ( had promised that we will be writing about how to expand the same method and do the multiplication of a 4 digit number with a 4 digit number. . Remember we will have 7 patterns in this calculation. Think it as if you are putting numbers in a box and then make the combinations of numbers straight and crisscross. See the slides below to understand how the calculations are to be done

Now here is the challenge to the readers of this post..can you expand this to do multiplication of the 5 or 6 digit number? Do send in your answer to our next post we will start with the Division problems…

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Multiplication of any 3 digit number

As I promised in my last post I am today going to show the method that helps in multiplying any 3 digit number. This method is purely to help children do faster calculations in the competitive examinations where you need less than a minute to solve the problem. It appears difficult but once you get the hang of it,  it takes only seconds to arrive at the answer..Check the below slides to understand the pattern of multiplication and then you can try on your own. Remember that a 3 digit number we need to calculate till the 5th place. Check the patterns and the calculations in the below attached slides

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Multiplication of any two digit number

Hello All..I am back again with another of my post which is useful for children. When I was growing up I used to hate doing the multiplication questions specially where it required a multiplication of 2 or 3 digit numbers..This is how we do the multiplication in the normal way.

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Finding the Cube of a Number – easy way

In our last post we showed how to find the square of any number. In this post we will take it further and show you how to find the cube of a number easily. The only requirement for this is to remember the cubes of number 1 to 9 Once you remember this  finding the cube of any number should be easy

There is another way of finding the cube of the number when the numbers are bigger and the base is 100. Where we just find the difference from 100 and then find the cube in 3 easy steps. To know more about it and for the practice sheets please check the file uploaded in our shop section.

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Finding the Square of any number – An easy way

We have written about how to find the square root and cube root of a number, how ever we missed on how to find the square of any number.. What  is the Square of  number? It is the number multiplied by itself.. most  of the people will remember the squares of the numbers upto 10 or maximum up to 20..However first we need to understand the conventional method to find the square of a number do read the below slide to understand the conventional method before we learn the easy way of finding the square of a number

Now that we know how to find the square of the number in the conventional way lets see if we can find the square of the number without doing so much of calculation..

To know how to easily find the squares of the numbers ending with 5, 25 , the number which are less than or more than 100 or are multiples of 100 , numbers that are repetitive you can go to our website  and click on the shop tab to buy the booklet..

The booklet that contains all the tricks of finding the square of the numbers..I am sure this will help you in cracking some of the problems in the competitive exams…

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Finding the Cuberoot of a perfect cube – An easy way

Earlier in our posts I had written about how to find the Square root of a perfect square number in an easy way. Today we are going to show how to find the cube root of the perfect cube easily without any stress. However to find the cube roots really fast you need to remember the Cube Roots of numbers from 1 to 9 as given in the below slide

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Multiply any Number using this method

Earlier we have written and shown how you can easily multiply the algebraic expressions..We can use the same method for solving the multiplication problems of any two or three digits number..This method will come in handy when children are trying to solve the questions which contain 3 ,4  or more digits numbers..though this works for 2 digits as well..

Here is another example

Try the free worksheets and see whether this method works for you. You can download the worksheets from our free download section.

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How to multiply quickly – few tricks to remember

In our last post we have learnt how to make the multiplication tables from 1 to 100 in an easy manner. How ever  as our kids go to higher grades they need to multiply bigger numbers. In this post today we are going to see how we can do  the  multiplication quickly and without using the calculator. This becomes extremely useful for children when they have to go for the competitive examination.

Multiplication by 5

Lets see how we can easily multiply any number with 5. Example 28×5

Step 1 – divide the number by 2 i.e  make 28/2 = 14

Step 2 – Multiply it with 10 so your answer will be 140

Explanation – 5 is half of 10 so when we multiply a number by 5 we are actually multiplying it by 10/2

Lets take another number  25

Step1 – half of the number is ( it will not be a whole number )  25/2 = 12.5

Step 2 – multiply it with 10 so your answer will be 125

This can be extremely useful when we have to multiply slightly bigger numbers as well.

For example : 122×5 = 122/2= 61×10 =610

Multiplication by 25

Lets see how we can multiply a number by 25 quickly

Step 1 : divide the number by 4

Step 2- multiply the number by 100

Explanation: 25 is nothing but  1/4 th of 100 or it can be written as 100/4

lets take couple of examples :


divide 28 by 4 which is 7

multiply 7 by 100

Answer is 700

Lets take another example


35/4 =8.75 ( 35 when divided by 4 will give answer in decimals)

8.75×100= 875

Lets take one more example


432/4 = 108

108×100= 10800

Multiplication by 50

Step 1 : divide the number by 2

Step 2- multiply the number by 100

Explanation: 50 is nothing but  1/2  of 100 or it can be written as 100/2

lets take couple of examples :


88/2=44 ( divide 88 by 2)

44×100 =4400  is the answer

another example : 762×50

762/2 = 381


lets take an example where we can not divide the number by 2 and we get the answer in decimal

lets take   35×50

35/2= 17.5

17.5 x 100= 1750

Try out these with few numbers yourself and let us know whether you found this useful. Mail your queries to us on or just leave a comment for us and we will try and bring to you more such  tricks to make your life a bit easier.